Performing arts

For performing arts I am doing a mime and I made up a mime. At the start of the year I made a game.







For term 2 I have been doing my blog.



I like it.

I like the sond and the efex.

the  ecspsshon.

Bgning medoll end.


I do like it so the sond

the fathlekshins.

Bgning medoll end.


I like it

I like the sond.

There fashlleehns.


I like the morn.

I like the sond.



Semester 2 Reflection

1.What I’ve enjoyed most is olsc’s Got talent is because I had fun and I enjoyed it.

2.What I’ve enjoyed most is searching about the england.

3.What I’ve enjoyed most is to having fun at  searching about the england and olsc’s Got talent.

1.What I’ve learnt to  wok as a team.

2.What I’ve learnt to help other’s.

3.What I’ve learnt to to discussed with each other.



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