TERM 3 inquiry


Hi my name is James.

I am doing gold rush. gold rushes.

This is mainly because, prior to 1851, the colonial. it was hard to get gold in the gold rush.

New South Wales (Victoria

July 1851, and Tasmania did not become a separate colony until 1856) had suppressed news of gold finds which it.

The Australian gold rushes was good for every one.   Gold Rush in Australia

gold is found in rocks and in the ground. People came to look for gold in Australia. It was called the Gold Rush. It was a hard life digging for gold. Some people became rich but lots did not.  there is gold in  australia.


1846: Castambul, South Australia

Gold was found in South Australia and Australia’s first goldmine was established. From the earliest days of the Colony of South Australia men, including Johannes Menge the geologist with the South Australian Company, had been seeking gold “armed with miner’s pick, numberless explorers are to be found prying into the depths of the valleys.

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