genis hour


imagecan you guse  5 games like minecraft?

imageI can play minecraft.


These are dogs. my dogs.

For  genis hour  i am doing  minecraft games.

On Minecraft You can build surf.

Minecraft games are cool.

imageA army cippr.

I like minecraft


Minecraft is on computer and iPad and iPhone also Xbox 1,2,3 and 360.



I like the Ender Dragon.The Ender Dragon is cool.




imageThese is how you get a pet cat.



The enemies come out at night.


imageThese Is a donkey with a chest on it in Xbox.




Minecraft is good because you can build stuff.

imagePickacu in minecraft.



imageMinecraft  crocodile.


imageThis is a diamond sod.


imageminecraft but a Pokemon.



imageA diamond sod.



image Pokemon word.



imageToothless in minecraft in dragon mod.



I in enjoy search about minecraft. 



One thought on “genis hour

  1. Dear James,

    Your genius hour page is fantastic. You will have to show me the world you have created in mine craft. I would love you to teach me how to play the game.

    From Fiona

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