TODAY I am researching the Werribee Zoo and how it is changing. don’t litter because of the animals might eat it and die or get sick. Care for the  animals 1. i wonder abat the ban is yie do image



I can keep fit.

Health and Wellbeing How long should we exercise  and what kind of exercise should we do to keep

fit.?    10 mines or 1 2 hours.

image image     image              m


I like exercise. Exercise is good for you and it is cool. Exercise is like fitness.


Hip hop is exercising.



imageHip hop is cool and fun.And it is exercise.


imageWe ned to do hip hop becase it is exercise.







What we did? Me and kelly we played the sugar rush game and we got gold rush we got 39 pits of gold.

we watched an video and it showed us what they used in the gold mine”s .

what i learnt?

we now know that Gold could be anywhere in the world.

my wondering?

When was the  gold mine’s invenented.



What we did?

I looked and watched videos about british cameing to Australia

What I learnt?

The motes came to Australia in 1948.

My wondering?

Why was theri war in England and the other country’ s have war.



What we did?

boat people 1970,s

What we learnt?

prires are stoll a live.

My wondering?

way did we make a boat.



What we did?

we watched a video it was fine and are teacher tooled us what is a refugee and a asylum seeker are.

What I learnt?

we learnt what an asylum seeker is and asylum seeker.

My wonderings?

Why do people kill.



What we did?

We look at the abregols.

What I learnt?

That they used water and clay for art.

My wonderings?




What we did?

We look at a videos and song.

What I learnt?

the convict war hot wen they war taving a cos the sea.

My wonderings?

Why did the british come with no money.

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