miss rumphis  she planted  she dident walk in the t-shert  she is caring she reused seeds     she used seeding image image

Tame 2


I can spell  most words creek.




image image

My big writ plan.




Dragon et met,bees fire,rlated to reptiel, gint wens,defent kinds of dragon,big tael,sum dragon Lev in   wotr,danges,sup cos,sup teeh.

Spelling words

beginning / beninning.

Learning / learning.

Listen / listen.

annoying / annoying.

became / became.

covered / covered.

everywhere / everyw


I in enjoy doing spelling.



For TERM 3 I started myedapp.com and I like it.

And we did

For a big wite I rot a store super T-Rex.







For  TERM 4 I did myedapp.com and I like it. It is good for me.

I am doing a game and my blog.

I am doing  my bood games and I have pot 1Ft on my blog.













1) What are the meanings of the four candles on the Advent Wreath?
2) What do some people say is the pre-Christian history of the Advent Wreath?
3) Where might you find an Advent Wreath?
4) What does the circle of the wreath represent?
5) Why might it be necessary to prepare and ‘celebrate’ waiting during Advent?


And one for the candles is hope.

And the next candles is lave.

And the next candles is peace.

And the last one is joy.



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