Big write

I can You’s VCOP cekle.








James and fends ris of Aleho


A long time ago saven heros were. Banest fom there homes and went to eoh and aleho was there.But the heros lost and aleho one but the heros did not gevup they kep fiting for ferd.

One day the heros were fiting aleho. The heros one and because aleho seed ” you wen thes rand and i will be bak”he seed.

James and finds ris of aleho 2

One day aleho risd agan and nhanyll, sonek, mene sonek, taios, nengr, spid men and James savd the day agan!.



I in enjoy doing big write.





Soupor T-Rex


One day there was a extreme bad shark.

He flooded the city and the super T-Rex sow the city flooded T-Rex saw the extreme bad shark.




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  1. Dear James,

    You have included excellent work on your blog. I am glad you enjoy Big Write each week. Please remember to see me to conference you work before you publish onto the blog.
    Well done.
    From Fiona

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